XIPOS Common Features

  • Single user multi-task
  • DLL support
  • Posix signal
  • Flash file system, including directory, soft link, hard link, long file name. Power down,etc.
  • Compact flash file system, saving flash space
  • Preempt scheduler, even the task is running in kernel mode
  • Full tcp/ip support with Backetly socket interface, full function of netfilter, including VPN,NAT,etc.
  • Irda stack, including ircom
  • Two sync interfaces can be chosen, System V5 ipc(msgq, shmem, sem) or Windows ipc(Event, Semaphore, Critical section, WaitForSingleObject,etc.)
  • Using Newlib as c lib
  • PPP/SLIP/LAN support
  • Real time extension
  • Auto resource collect when process exit
  • Block/non block/async IO support, support poll interface
  • Loadable kernel module
  • Easily porting Linux device driver and protocol
  • Mips and Arm version is available, the other versions are under development
  • Mips version supports Mips16 and Arm version supports thumb
  • Using gcc as development tools, but Xipos has its own executable file format and uses a special linker

   Xipos features with MMU£º

  • The whole OS kernel, user mode dlls and applications can be eXecuted In Place
  • Multi process multi thread, every process has its own VM space
  • File mapping
  • Win32 memory interface support, VirtualAlloc VirtualFree,etc

   XIPOS Features Without MMU£º

  • Multi task
  • Windows 3.1 memory interface can be used to reduce fragment, GlobalAlloc, GlobalLock,etc
  • DLL with process dependent data
  • Ipc is still can be used


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