Xiptech ported uClinux to MIPS platform. We offer patch of uClinux kernel,uClibc,elf2flt and document. We also provide a software Simulator, which can run MIPS linux binary code, for people who want to learn MIPS but without real hardware. The simulator is a virtual machine, it has a MIPS R3000 CPU and some virtual hardwares, including UART,flash rom,RAM,LCD,touch screen,etc. It provides world leading performance.

   The packages we release including


    This file contains a document named "porting uClinux to MIPS", with txt and pdf format in English and Chinese both. It describes how to porting uClinux and GNU tools to MIPS, and how to use other files in

  • toolchain.tar.gz

    Using this file, you are able to download, config, build and install GNU toolchain and uClibc for MIPS automatically.

  • linux-2.4.19-uc1-mips.diff.gz

    This file is the patch of uClinux kernel. It contains all drivers for Xiptech Simulator.

  • romfs.tar.gz

    We provide a demo for Xiptech simulator. This is the root image used in that demo. See for more infomation.


    This file contains Xiptech Simulator for MIPS and it's data sheet. Unzip it and change the shortcut if necessary, then double click the short cut.

  • uclinux.bin.tar.gz

    This file contains the rom file for our demo. Using it as the parameter -r of Xiptech simulator.

  • uClibc-0.9.15-mipsnommu.patch

    Patch of uClibc£¬removing float-point and MIPS II instructions¡£

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