Features of Xiptech Flash player  

    XIP Flash is a Flash player developed by Xipos Technology Inc. It supports SWF 3 to 6 (Flash MX), including graphic, audio and action scripts. It's written by pure C, and can be ported to any embedded platform easily. XIP Flash has been optimized for embedded system in many ways, including reducing floating point operation, using buffers, optimized virtual machine, etc.


 Supports the following file format  

  1. SWF
    Standard flash file format, used by Flash 3 to 6
  2. CWF
    Compact flash file format, used by Flash 6 (Flash MX)
  3. EXE
    Executable flash file format, created by MacroMedia SWF player
  4. XWF
    New file format created by Xiptech flash converter. Xiptech provides flash converter, running on host computer(like PC). The converter converts flash file(SWF,CWF,EXE) to a new format. It can improve the play back speed on embedded systems.