Xiptech provides Gameboy color/NES/PALM emulators. They can run the corresponding roms without any modifications. These emulators use the core technology of Xiptech simulator, XTSim engine. Therefore their can run faster than other products. You can get outstanding performance when you use our emulators on embedded systems.

     To distinguish the definitions of simulator and emulator is not easy. We use simulator to define softwares which simulate platforms with a high speed CPU and configurable devices. And we use emulator to define softwares which simulate plateforms with fixed devices and low speed CPU.

     Our goal is let our emulators run smoothly on low speed embedded devices, such as PDA and cell phone. We use the following mathods to improve the speed.

  • XTSim engine, just in time compile rom code to the host machine's code
  • options let user shutdown the sound of emulators
  • options let user skip some frames

     We also consider the situation that the host machine's LCD has less colors or gray levels than the real hardware. We use differing and user difined palette to solve this problem.

Gameboy color Emulator:    MIPS version is accomplished, ARM version under development
Palm Emulator:    Supports Palm OS v5.0£¨MIPS version is under testing, ARM version is under development
NES Emulator:    MIPS version is under testing, ARM version is under development


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